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Shelley Goldstein


Shelley Goldstein is a full-time Realtor and proud partner with The Hopkins Team. After graduating with two Bachelors in International Finance and Accounting, Shelley began her career as a CPA / auditor with a large multi-national accounting and consulting firm developing an expertise in real estate, lending practices and underwriting guidelines. These honed skills afforded her the opportunity to find a secondary market mortgage loan firm, transacting in the purchase and sale of loan portfolios between institutional lenders, private investors and S&Ls, with annual sales exceeding $500M in net mortgage loans. After twelve years of successful development and national expansion of her business, Shelley sold her interest to a client and investment group. As a lender, investor, and bean-counter, she offers a unique understanding of local and national real estate trends while providing her clients with hands-on, concierge service whether choosing a first home, selling a life-long homestead or identifying a lucrative investment. Shelley is the mother of two, an active Board member of the I Care I Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation, and a member of the Miami Board of Realtors.

Client Testimonials

"I highly recommend using Shelley as your real estate agent. Buying a home can be very tedious and complicated, but Shelley will walk you through every step. She listens to what your needs are and will show you properties that meet your needs. Shelley will be with you every step for questions or concerns."
Marsha Egan